Melbourne Metro Rail submissions update

The Melbourne Metro Rail Authority (MMRA) has published its Environmental Effects Statement and the draft response by the City of Melbourne can also be accessed at the following URL by clicking on this link:
It provides useful information about the proposed Domain Station,  and the course of the project through South Yarra. The document will be considered by Council at its meeting next Tuesday 5th July as the submission must be lodged by 6 July. Review the index at the beginning of the document to see the several areas relevant to South Yarra.
The MMRA will be holding a public inquiry on these issues in August/September this year.
There is little more that can be done before the Public Inquiry, but remember that as a result of our and other submissions, we now have the MMRA assurance that Fawkner Park will not be involved in the tunnelling process.
We have requested a senior MMRA representative come to our Annual General Meeting
on 17th November to provide us with more information about how
the construction phase is likely to impact upon residents of South Yarra.

Theft of mail in South Yarra area.

All MSYRG members,

MSYRG is passing on an alert about a very concerning incident that took place in the Domain precinct last week. It was reported by a local resident.
Several members have observed a young man  taking residents’ mail from mailboxes, opening said mail in another location and dumping the opened envelopes and contents.

The potential for loss of credit cards or other personal information is a concern.

It has been reported to the Police.

We  suggest you report any incident to the Prahran Police-phone 9520 5200,


We are delighted to inform everyone that submissions from the MSYRG and the community have been listened to by the Melbourne Metro Rail Authority, and we have just been advised that no tunnelling or activity will take place on Fawner Park except for the formation of an emergency access shaft in the north east corner. We understand this will leave small building over the shaft and is likely to be in the vicinity of and be combined with the existing public toilet.
It is the best possible outcome and protects the park and also the Child Care and Senior Citizens Centre and tennis courts from substantial disruption.
Furthermore, it means the residents of South Yarra will not be impacted by major drilling activity and associated trucks in the vicinity of Fawkner Park for what seemed likely to have been a period of about 5 years.
Thank Heavens!
Melbourne South Yarra Residents Group Inc.

COM Heritage Policy review

Despite our submissions to Council during the course of the review of its heritage policy, the resulting draft  failed in our view to achieve the necessary protections for South Yarra. Accordingly, enclosed is our response to that draft dated 3 March 2016. –
Following discussions with Councillor Rohan Leppert who we briefed and who took a supportive interest in the issues, a meeting was arranged with the senior planners handling the matter for Council. In particular, the President of MSYRG Michael Butcher and local resident Paul McSweeney, met with Robyn Hellman, who is a senior administrator dealing with Planning Scheme amendments.  Attached is our letter to her dated 16 May requesting specific changes to the draft as it affected South Yarra.
Read this letter here – HellmanLetter16-5-16
We are yet to receive a reply from Ms Hellman, however Councillor Leppert will speak to us at our member’s meeting on 9 June 2016 about these important issues affecting South Yarra.
Councillor Rohan Leppert