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Since 1969 we have, on behalf of local residents, been working to enhance and preserve the character and amenity of the City of Melbourne component of South Yarra. Melbourne South Yarra Residents Group Membership is open to all residents within the postocde 3141 or 3004 precinct of the City of Melbourne.

We aim to hold two General meetings per year and engage with members in various campaigns and consultations as the need arises. Membership can be applied for online.

Membership details

Current Issues

There is a constant flow of issues that have the potential to adversely affect the amenity of living in South Yarra. From the provision of community services, management of parks and gardens to over and inappropriate development of the built form in the area – we as residents must be prepared to take an strong interest in civic issues in order to retain the heritage nature of our locality and preserve the amenity it affords residents and visitors.

Metro Rail

MSYRG are in ongoing dialogue with MetroRail during the construction of Anzac station. Here is the latest report from the authority. Updated 27 March 2024.

Latest Construction Update

The Anzac station taking shape. The scale of the above ground structure is now clearly visible.

Heritage Review – At Last!

Last year the City of Melbourne and its consultants undertook a full review of South Yarra’s heritage – the first since 1983

It includes:

  • The identification and grading of heritage buildings.
  • The identification and description of heritage streets and places.
  • A review of all our heritage overlays, maps and schedules.
  • Preparation of a statement of significance describing in detail South Yarra’s heritage including its important precincts and sub-precincts.

The heritage review is now available on the Council’s Participate Melbourne website. Click here to go to the website and read the report or download a complete listing to look-up your own house, if you live in the Melbourne South Yarra area.

Nigel Lewis Review

Prior to the city’s review MSYRG undertook its own, employing the services of Nigel Lewis. The main purpose of this review was to identify any mistakes and omissions in previous reviews. Click here to download the review.


In February 2022, The City of Melbourne along with the Victorian Government embarked on a trial of rentable electric scooters. There were immediate issues with riders not wearing helmets, riding on footpaths, riding dangerously and parking badly.

A police blitz on May 17 and 22 saw 300 people fined for scooter infringements, including 137 for riding without a helmet and 73 for riding on the footpath. Whilst they are considered a nuisance by many, they do provide a vital service and if every scooter journey was replaced with a car trip our roads would be a lot busier.

The two scooter service providers, Lime (Uber) and Neuron are very aware of the various problems scooters, or more correctly scooter drivers, can cause. So they have set up avenues for members of the public to report incidences of scooter misuse.

Neuron provides two options, either use the online form:

or email them directly:

Lime is providing an email address:

Lime scooters also have a QR code so you can quickly send details for a badly parked scooter. We are hoping this will become less of a problem as riders now are required to send a picture of their correctly parked scooter before they can sign off their journey.

If photos of any illegal scooter behaviour are sent in, they should have the time stamp and location so the providers can then apply the appropriate sanctions to the infringer.

Lime have also produced a booklet for riders and others that explains their operation and what they are doing to combat misuse. You can download a copy from our website here. 

“There is no doubt that the more members MSYRG has, the more notice is taken of what we do and say. If you are not a financial member, we urge you to become one.”

Visit the South Yarra Portal on the Participate Melbourne website.

The City of Melbourne has created new sites for all the neighbourhoods in the city. Find out what’s happening, learn some history or just read some interesting stories about our area here.


Melbourne South Yarra Residents Group is a member of CoRBA, the Coalition of Residents and Business Associations. They are the peak body for the various resident groups and business associations in the City of Melbourne. You can find out more about their activities by visiting their website by clicking here.

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Find out more about some of our local institutions here.

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