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August 2014

Update: 157-159 Domain Road

By Planning

The current position with 157-159 Domain Road is that although a permit to construct a three level building with a coffee shop on the ground floor and two restaurants above was approved by VACT subject to many conditions, no further steps have been notified to the City of Melbourne concerning compliance with any of those conditions.

The rumour is that the applicant is now considering different uses being a delicatessen on the ground floor and studio apartments on the first and second floors although nothing has been notified to Council and we have no other information.

However, it is not surprising, having regard to the issues and problems raised during the course of the contested application that the applicant has had to revise his plans.

You will remember that MSYRG spent a considerable amount of money opposing this application and indications are that it was money well spent as if such a change of use were to be the outcome the adverse impact upon the shopping centre and adjoining residents would be substantially if not wholly removed.

Matthew Guy, Victorian State Planning Minister, has stated that he has applied a cap on Licensed premises in South Yarra. We do not know the full details of the cap, which is a bit of a band-aid approach to planning ,but nevertheless a possible solution if properly applied.

Link to VCAT Ruling: 157-159 Domain Rd, South Yarra

Millswyn, Domain and Hope Streets, South Yarra Proposed Truck Ban Signage

By Engineering Services, Traffic

UPDATE: This issue has been resolved


City of Melbourne Notice

Engineering Services writes to advise the Association of a traffic management
proposal designed to improve general amenity and pedestrian safety in Millswyn
Street, Domain Street and Hope Street to alleviate the unnecessary infiltration of
truck trips into the local street network.