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August 2015

91-93 Millswyn Street, South Yarra

By Planning


Dear Resident,

Application to demolish and build 4 storey block of flats – TP-2015-668

Enclosed is a copy of the letter accompanying the application to demolish the existing 3 storey block and build a 4 storey block of 14 apartments.

To see plans of the proposal either go to the City of Melbourne website/planning register online/ or email me (president@msyrg.com,au) with your details and email address and I will email the plans to you.

I suggest that local residents should meet promptly to discuss the proposal and sharing the cost of initial architect advice to ensure you understand the impact of what is proposed.

Further action dealing with such issues as the car parking exemption, overlooking, etc can then be discussed.

Yours faithfully


Michael Butcher
Melbourne South Yarra Residents Group Inc