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September 2014

Changes to Residential Zoning

By Planning

Significant changes to the residential zoning has been legislated by the State Government and since March this year we have been making submissions to and involved in discussions with the City of Melbourne about how these zones should be applied in South Yarra. Our particular concern has been to ensure that the heritage streets are protected by the strictest zone which is Neighbourhood Residential.

What the outcome will be is dependent upon a report from the Residential Zones Standing Advisory Committee to the Planning Minister and our written submission to that Committee is on this website.

In addition verbal submissions were made to the Committee last Friday 19 September and most of the day was occupied with submissions concerning South Yarra.

It is unlikely that we will know the outcome for some time as the Committee has 20 days to lodge its report and recommendations with the Minister for Planning and the Minister then has to make the decision.



Submissions Plan

Public Meeting – October 2, 2014

By Association, Meetings



Public Meeting

When: Thursday 2nd October 2014.
Time: 6:30 PM
Place: South Yarra Senior Citizens Centre, Fawkner Park, 65 Toorak Road, South Yarra 3141

The meeting will commence at 6:30pm


  1. Welcome
  2. Apologies.
  3. Membership & website.
  4. Residential rezoning report.
  5. Planning issues.
      6.1 Goodrest
      6.2 Bromby St
      6.3 91 Millswyn St.
      6.4 English Language Redevelopement
  6. Council rates and expenditure in South Yarra
  7. Other business.

The residential re-zoning process conducted by the City of Melbourne and the Victorian State Government that will have a material impact on how the heritage nature of our community is to be preserved.

Please put the time in your diary for this important meeting.

We encourage all residents of Melbourne South Yarra precinct to attend whether members of the Group or not – it will be possible to join and support the Group at the meeting.