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December 2014

Melbourne Grammar School – Bromby Street

By Planning

Application VHR0019 – Melbourne Grammar School – Bromby Street

Below is a copy of our letter to Heritage Victoria dated 23 July 2014 a copy of which was forwarded to the City of Melbourne at the time.

We were surprised, to say the least, by their approval of a building that in our view fails to comply with many heritage requirements.

We now wish to lodge our strong objection with Council on the ground that the building does not comply with DDO15 as follows.

  1. It exceeds by a considerable margin the maximum height of 12 metres.
    The increased height of the proposed building above the existing building does not “improve the amenity and enhance the urban character of the area”.
  2. The applicant has failed to “demonstrate how the development will continue to achieve the Design Objectives and Built Form Outcomes of this schedule and any local planning policy requirements”, namely “is compatible with the scale and character of the South Yarra area”.

For these and the reasons described in our letter to Heritage Victoria, a building of the
proposed scale offends every requirement to be compatible with and enhance the character of the area and we urge you to oppose the application.

Yours sincerely

Michael Butcher

Letter to Heritage Victoria 23.07.14