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No 8 Tram

Number 8 Tram

By Public Transport

Representatives of the Group in particular the President, Michael Butcher, have had meetings with Yarra Trams and Public Transport Victoria over the last 12 months. We have been assured on a number of occasions that no decision will be made to change the No. 8 tram without discussion with the MSYRG. We have continued to write to to YT and PTV confirming this assurance. We will keep this website updated with information as it comes to hand.

The Number 8 tram has served us well for 89 years.

By Public Transport

Public Transport Victoria and Yarra Trams are conducting public consultation about the proposed tram route changes. The proposed changes include the cessation of the Number 8 tram that has served South Yarra residents well since the electrification of the line in 1926 by the Melbourne and Metropolitan Tramways Board (MMTB).

The MSYRG has written to the Minister for Transport and the CEO of Yarra Trams to seek further information on the reason for the proposed changes including the data they are using to justify the proposed change. That data has not been provided to date despite months of waiting.

Letter to Transport Minister 14.04.15 Letter to Yarra Trams 14.04.15

Whilst the MSYRG continues to pursue this matter it is vitally important that South Yarra residents express their view on the proposed change by completing the online survey on the Public Transport Victoria website.

The web address to complete the survey is:  www.ptv.vic.gov.au

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On the PTV website there is a window with sequencing content that eventually advertises the fact that you can, “Help plan your future tram services”. When you click on this you are directed to an online survey where you can provide input. It provides diagrams and justifications for the proposed changes. It justification largely rests on the supposed burgeoning demand for access to the western end of the CBD. Really?

PTV makes much of the increased frequency of trams to take passengers up St. Kilda road once they have been forced to wait at the Domain Interchange to head up to their usual destinations in St Kilda road or Swanston Street. There is little or no mention of the outbound trip from the CBD because the uncertainty of waiting for a proposed number 58 (far less frequent than St Kilda Rd trams) to collect them from the Domain Interchange and travel along Domain Road and into South Yarra and beyond is too unpalatable to mention.

This is a commercially driven proposal that has little regard for true amenity and passenger satisfaction with unvalidated supporting data dressed up as an improvement for all.

We say to PTV and Yarra Trams – leave the number 8 tram alone. It has served us well since 1926 with the central requirements to provide a single tram to transport users to the arts and entertainment area thence the centre of the city along Melbourne’s pre-eminent boulevard.