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Residential Re-zoning Outcome

By November 27, 2014Planning


We are delighted to inform you that as a consequence of the great deal of work done by the MSYRG the following amendments to the residential zoning of South Yarra were gazetted on 27th November 2014.

It means that a large part of the heritage areas have real protection from inappropriate development.

Those areas are as follows:

  • Both sides of Airlie St
  • West side of Leopold St
  • East side of Park St
  • Part of the east side of Mason St
  • Part of the east side of Millswyn St
  • Both sides of Hope St
  • Part of the east side of Domain St.

All of these properties are now in the Neighbourhood Residential Zone NRZ1 that, most importantly imposes a mandatory height limit of 8 metres.

If the MSYRG had not been active from the beginning of this year and it had been left up to the City of Melbourne strategic planning department:

1. None of South Yarra would have been given the neighbourhood residential zoning under the new legislation; and
2. The height limit would have been 12 metres.

The amendments are contained in a complex set of documents that accompany the Gazette announcement. Detailed information is available on the Planning departments website;

Finally, I must thank profusely our local member of parliament Clem Newton-Brown without whose assistance this outcome would almost certainly not have been possible.

Michael Butcher